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Achieve Financial Independence with Vyzer

Wealth management on spreadsheets can get chaotic as your portfolio expands. There are various investment management portals available but they are specific to the operators that...

Sam Miller
September 15th, 2022

8 investment strategies to maximize your children's college savings

It’s back-to-school season, and whether your child is starting kindergarten or their senior year, paying for your child’s higher education is always a concern. With the cost...

Alicia Schneider
September 7th, 2022

New Product Feature!
“Private Companies Asset Class”

It is no secret that there has been sizable growth in the availability and accessibility of alternative investments over the past decade. They are a phenomenal way to diversify...

Lior Karol
August 25th, 2022

Automate your Investment Portfolio & Make Informed Investments with Vyzer

Who loves maintaining spreadsheets or hiring a 6 figures wealth manager to do the same?

Sam Miller
August 17th, 2022

How to Choose Between Taxable and Tax-Advantaged Investment Accounts

Failing to optimize your investments for taxes can eat into your returns considerably. But if there was a single, universally applicable rule on whether to choose a taxable and...

Sarah Bromley
August 10th, 2022

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer: How do you plan for it?

An essential part of accumulating wealth is transferring it to the right people. A U.S federal reserves report showed that an average of 2 million households receive wealth...

Adeola Ojierenem
July 28th, 2022

How to use your Retirement Funds to Invest in Real Estate Syndications

While the stock market is a tried-and-tested method for growing your wealth, it can also be incredibly volatile — as the period between 2020-22 has shown. If you’re looking...

Sarah Bromley
July 20th, 2022

New Product Feature!
“Asset Ownership Percentage”

Co-investment option gives investors a clear picture of a sophisticated portfolio.

Lior Karol
July 12th, 2022

Risk Management — So Much More Than Just About Losing Money

Risk management is part of being human, and it’s certainly not reserved for the financial realm. Let’s look at why risks matter and how to approach them. Pluck a random...

Sarah Bromley
June 22nd, 2022

The Terminology Mess – What’s the difference between a real estate Operator, Syndicator, and Sponsor?

Creating passive income through real estate has become more common and accessible over the years, creating new financial investment “products”. One of the most popular...

Litan Yahav
June 9th, 2022

Alternative Investments to Add to Your Portfolio This Month

Today we will be covering five alternative investments that can yield strong gains for your portfolio. Besides traditional assets like stocks, bonds, and cash, investors are on a...

Ken Pierre
June 1st, 2022

It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Investments — Here’s How

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and nature is blooming. It can only mean one thing: Spring is here. For some, that means it’s time to show your...

Sarah Bromley
May 10th, 2022

What You Need to Know About Ethical and ESG Investing

Ethical investments can be just as performant, if not more, than their conventional counterparts. Find out more about ethical investments and how you can add them to your portfolio

Alicia Schneider
April 20th, 2022

Inflation and Rate Hikes Have You Concerned? Here Are Some Tactics You Can Use

Inflation continues soaring with no end in sight and seems to shatter 40-year highs every month.

Matthew Levy
April 9th, 2022

How To Get Approved For High Net Worth Lending

Despite owning assets worth millions, many high net worth individuals still get turned down for loan applications. This is usually due to the complexities of their finances and...

Adeola Ojierenem
March 25th, 2022

Why Compound Interest Matters, and Not Only for Your Portfolio

What do a folded piece of paper and your savings portfolio have in common? When exponential growth is applied, both can increase to spectacular heights.

Alicia Schneider
March 17th, 2022

Cold War II, World War III, or a Whole Lot of Fear Mongering?

A week ago, the world stood shocked and appalled. Despite weeks of intel warnings, the world greatly underestimated Vladimir Putin. He didn’t only invade an already...

Matthew Levy
March 7th, 2022

How to Establish a Healthy Relationship With Money

This Valentine’s Day, take a moment to reflect on your relationship with money. You might be surprised at how you can improve it.

Alicia Schneider
February 14th, 2022

The Active-Passive Income Spectrum

Passive and active income aren’t just two opposite points of a scale, but rather a spectrum of different income possibilities. Do you know where on the spectrum your income...

Alicia Schneider
February 8th, 2022

The NFT Hype: Explained

NFTs have only been around for a few years and have already generated billions of dollars in sales. With all the hype surrounding them, it’s worth knowing how they work.

Barry Choi
January 9th, 2022

How to Teach Your Kids About Investing

It's never too early to learn about saving and spending money wisely. Especially when it comes to investing - the sooner you start, the better.

Lori Maresky
November 28th, 2021

You Sold Your Business...Now What?

Do you book the next flight out to somewhere sunny, or are you already seeking out your next endeavor? Slow down, there are some important things to consider after selling your...

Barry Choi
November 21st, 2021

Disney, and the importance of financial diversification

Diversification, diversification, diversification - A different angle for emphasizing the importance of diversification

Alicia Schneider
November 1st, 2021

Focusing on what really matters

A saying that often gets thrown around is that earning your first million is the hardest. Take a look at your own financial journey and there’s no doubt that you put in hard...

Barry Choi
October 25th, 2021

A founder’s take on equity allocation

What makes more sense - Holding 100% of a company valued at $0 or holding 2% of a company valued at $500m? An easy decision that first-time founders often take way too long to...

Litan Yahav
October 17th, 2021

The story behind Vyzer

There’s nothing like building a company that brings true value to people, solving a specific problem they have. Even more so, when it’s the founders’ personal problem and...

Litan Yahav
October 5th, 2021